Friday, January 15, 2010

Space Man

Recently I've been having this feeling that I have been drifting out in well....Space. I suppose it has to with the fact that there are a lot of uncertain things going on in my life or perhaps it's a sign that I've been watching too much Star Trek at night. Either way it's inspired tonight's blog post. 

The Sea Hole, captured my attention with their Dark Pulp Set. This outfit is themed "space exploration" and has a retro feel to it. The astronaut top and spaceship skirt will scream 3...2...1.....Blast Off! As an added bonus Dark Pulp Set has cute over the knee socks that are cleverly designed to accent the entire ensemble.

The Look- Lost In Space

Skin-Dutch Touch-Cleo
Outfit-The Sea Hole-Dark Pulp Set

There you go around your tiny world again
Playing space man in your tiny ship
You say you wanna come back down to earth again
When you're down you find your mind and slip

There you go
Just like all the other times before

Lost in space
You're lost in space-SmashMouth- Space Man 

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