Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

**It all started with this necklace from Luna Jubliee and Express Zenovka's brainchild, SLDaily Deals. A wonderful and brilliant concept that SL has been missing for some time. SLDailyDeals will offer limited edition items at various prices, similar to site Today's Daily Deal a stunning Necklace from eyecandy. It's a wonderful choice to kick off their new venture. I look forward to seeing what new limited edition items they offer to the SL community.

Now Today's Post...

Walk Like an Egyptian
The Look: Walking Like an Egyptian
Hair: Truth-Trisha
Skin: TD-Dinah in Fall
Dress: Casa Del Shai- Eternal Nefertari Gold
Necklace: .:eyecandy:.- Blue Lotus Necklace
Frankie's Outfit- Casa Del Shai- Vizier of Lower Egypt
(btw, this is Frankie's favorite store in SL)

An Ancient Egyptian Love Poem

O my beautiful one,
I wish I were part of your affairs, like a wife.
With your hand in mine your love would be returned.
I implore my heart:
"If my true love stays away tonight,
I shall be like someone already in the grave."
Are you not my health and my life?
How joyful is your good health
for the heart that seeks you!

throughout time their love still grew strong.....


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:) Thank you for taking the time to read... Huggs

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simply the sweetest girl i ever met :-)
My beautiful girlfriend <3