Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sun Red Sky Blue

When doing my Second Life Black Friday Shopping I picked up these tasty little treats from Pig, LAMB and Vive9.

I don't know what it is, but I can't get enough Lingerie. I instantly fell in love with Ambrosia's rich colors and ties on the garter belt. I like the retro feel that Ambrosia gives. it's almost like a little Mad Men; correction Mad Women coming out.

Lamb is also a favorite stop on my list for new hair. Whoop Dee Doo is not a color or style I would normally wear. (I tend to be a tad conservative) It's very funky and makes me feel like I have a bit of attitude, but in a good way ;)

Vive9 is a store I never visited in SL before and boy was I missing out. I think I've found a new skin store that will get my lindens. What do I like about this skin well..everything.

And Finally....Wine and Roses is releasing a very cozy and striking colorful Blue and Green Living room set. The couch behind me has five poses inside, perfect for that holiday company that you might have in your home. The living room set contains: a room divider, coffee table, couch and rug.

The Look
Hair-Lamb-Whoop De Doo
Skin-Vive9- Grace
Necklace-Pixel Mode-Key Necklace
Shoes-Fri- Basic Pumps

The Scenery
Couch/Rug-Wine and Roses- Blue/ Green Living Room Set

Underneath your skin again
Right below your innocence
I can tell your hesitance
Let me heal the heart of it, my Love

give me your sun red sky blue, Love I'm falling into you
under a sun red sky blue-Kenna


Luna Jubilee said...

Oh I want that lingerie set!

FrankiePalliard said...

Wow another blog spot in few days! Yay! Oh.....and you look hott btw :P