Sunday, November 29, 2009


It all started with the "Leopard Print Skin" from Dreams. This skin is very unique because of the almost freckles across the body shaped in a leopard spots. I really enjoyed how this skin didn't cover the entire body in spots but lightly grazed the forehead, cheeks, decolletage, back and legs. The eye makeup is soft and subtle in a rose color that really brings out the pouty lips. The outfit is the same combination from earlier this week. Lamb Hair in Whoop Dee Doo, quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe; and Pig's Ambrosia. This is the same lingerie from earlier this week only with different layer options. I really enjoy the "gut" prim from this lingerie it feels like a tutu adding another great addition to my circus outfit. Once my look was complete I was ready to perform my circus tricks.

The Trapeze Artist
The Tightrope Walker
The Look: Circus
Skin- *Dreams*- Leopard Print Skin
Hair-Lamb-Whoop Dee Doo
Bow-Magika-LeLook Hair Bow
Necklace-DECO-Black Onyx Double Strand Necklace
Lingerie Set- Pig-Ambrosia
Shoes- Style Starts Here- Couture Ankle Boots

Frankie- Casa Del Shai- Alfonso three piece suit

And Just because I couldn't leave my partner in Crime out. Here is Frankie the Lion Tamer.....
Lion Tamer
Lioness attack

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus
When I crack that whip, everybody gon' trip just like a circus
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor just like a circus- Britney Spears


kai said...

Wow, that's amazing. Wonderful pictures.

FrankiePalliard said...

Hey sweetie,you do have talent! I particularly love the Lion Tamer one! I guess that was the setting you were looking for :-))