Saturday, January 3, 2009

Make Up Bag

I've seen this blogger challenge: What's in your bag? around the Blogs and Flicker streams recently. Iris Steale from the Shopping Cart Disco created this challenge. I would have done this blog sooner but my camera was lost in the move and I didn't find it until today. So here is the contents of my bag, all random and chaotic, oh and the floor of my new apartment. :P

1. my bag- Multi Colored Dooney one of my favorites
2. Keys- Random Keys- most are non functional meaning they don't work or have any use.. yet I keep the keys.
3. Glasses- My reading Glasses and Sunglasses, I'm supposed to use the glasses for driving at night, but I don't. and the sunglasses are my "movie star glasses" as my family calls them.
4. hair ties- things to tame my unruly and messy hair.
5.Mints- they have my name on them and were a gift from my mom.
6. Mini Rosary- I keep these to remind me of my grannie, she gave them to me.
7. Emergency Tampons- you never know when someone will ask for one, and I like to be prepared.
8. Cell Phone- my precious
9.Hand Sanitizer and Lotion-
10.I pod touch and earphones
11. Usb Drives- 2 external USB drives total of 3G. random art projects are kept here.
12. Jade Pig- a gift from my mom, it's suppose to bring good luck.
13. Silver Cases for Cards- I carry my bank cards or dollars bills in the bigger silver case, and business cards in the smaller Breakfast at Tiffany's one.
14. My Ciggys and lighter- I smoke, I'm trying to quit..
15. pencils highlighter and sharpener- for random drawings or note taking
16.Lip Obsession:Loreal- golden splash gloss, Mary Kay- color unknown, but it's nice and pink, Mary Kay- Satin Lips, Beauti Control- Lip apeel
17. Clinique- Perfectly Real Compact makeup
18.Microdermabrasion Lotion
19. mini scissors- useful for cutting things
20. change purse from BOA- I used to work there not bank there.
21. eyeliner brush from Origins- I have probably replaced this brush at least 8 times, it's the best little eyeliner bush ever! soo soft.
22. Mascara- Black to make my lashes pretty
23. Maybelline water proof liquid eyeliner- For the smoky eyes ;)
24.MAC Black Tied Velvet eyeshadow- I use this as eyeliner
25.EMANI crushed minerals in Brazilian Bronze- i love the way it sparkles
26. Mary Kay Beauty Blotters- to help control the shine.

goodness I feel like a pack rat now.

Every girl gotta a makeup bag
their own secret world
bet ya didn't know that.
- Make Up Bag- The Lab rats Featuring Emma Rhodes
from The Monster In Law Soundtrack

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