Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy 4th of July Everyone! It's Independence day here in America and we celebrate by taking time off work, enjoying family and watching fireworks! YAY! In honor of our nations birthday I took a little trip to the Virtual Capitol Hill. I can't help but hum the School Rock tune "I'm just a Bill" as I TP in and explore.
Capitol Hill in SL was opened on Jan 4, 2007 so it's been around SL for quite some time. This Sim was inspired by the scenery and regional elements found near the capitol itself. Capitol Hill has the feel of an "educational" Sim, with information on issues such as: Health Care, National security, College Costs, Energy Independence, Minimum Wage, and Stem Cell Research. Both major parties are represented here so the information is pretty unbiased, although some areas could use some updating.

Located around the sim of Capitol Hill you will find movies on the issues mentioned above along with some popcorn to help keep you awake. :) the movies are mostly historical in nature and are from 1930's-1960's. I was hoping to find the movie Independence Day, you know the one where the aliens try to take over the world, but sadly these movies were of a different nature. In all Capitol Hill is a nifty little place to learn and explore.

Now It's time to enjoy the rest of the day by sitting back having a beer and watching the fireworks tonight. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence day!

As a child, I knew
That the stars could only get brighter
That we would get closer
Get closer
Leaving this darkness

Now that I'm older
The stars should lie upon my face
And when I find myself alone
I feel like I
I am blind

Blind- Hercules and Love Affair

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