Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today I was a woman on a mission. I TPed to the Silent Sim with only one goal. Purchase the PhotoSphere I saw months ago and upgrade my photo studio. My current photo area is 8 prims and sits on top of my little store. Its ugly, crude but it has served it purpose until now. I don't expect to be a great photographer or anything. Lets face it I'm not really good at snapping photos or editing them.
Normally I am a girl on a budget,but I didn't even blink twice when I dropped 1500l for this item. Lets get into the break down of whats included in this little studio package. First its only 10 prims thats a big plus when your managing prims on your land. PhotoSphere also includes a spare lighting ball and empty pose ball for favorite poses. Perhaps the best feature the PhotoSphere has to offer is the 40 backgrounds that come pre-loaded into it. Additional backgrounds are available for 300l, and there is even the capability to customize and upload your own backgrounds. One thing very handy is the HUD driven controller for the backgrounds. Simple and easy to use the PhotoSphere Hud allows you to cycle thru background options and choose the best one for your subject.

There is a handy little Demo version of the PhotoSphere available at the store. Take the TP and head on over to try it out. I know you will soon fall under its spell and begging for mercy soon.

I love you

But I gotta stay true
My moral’s got me on my knees
I’m begging please
Stop playing games

I don’t know what this is
But you got me good
Just like you knew you would
I don’t know what you do
But you do it well
I’m under your spell

You got me begging you for mercy
Why won’t you release me- Duffy

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