Monday, July 16, 2007

Female Of The Species

Guess What Girls, I have great news for you. The Gin Rummy is now a ladies club. Sorry boys but this is one place where its girls only. :)
I retired my dancing shoes and lingerie and traded them in for a microphone. I am now a host at The Gin Rummy, The Ladies Only Speakeasy:) The past week has been such a blast. In fact I have been having soo much fun that blogging got put on the back burner. I think I have been at the GR almost every night watching the dancers and chilling to the best music in all of SL. Events are held every night except Wednesday from 8-10 sl time. With events like: Teeny Weeny Bikini (7/19/07), and Micro Minis (7/20/07) your bound to have a great evening with the Gin Rummy Staff.

As if the hott sexy guys are not enough reason to go to the GR, they also have two sploders to play every night! and the one and only Wilder Mall. I actually love the Wilder mall, It has some fantastic shops. I actually picked up most of my tattoos here.
Thank goodness i didn't have to sit in a chair and endure getting inked, I bet that would have hurt. :)

The female of the species is more deadly than the male
- Space


Anonymous said...

And we thank you for your support! :-)

Anonymous said...

Spankz Ewes Bells :)