Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Are you Ten Years Ago?

Are you ten years ago?

 Today I had a ,"whoa" moment. I realized I hit 15 years in Second Life. How amazing and pathetic is that?! So what's new in Bells' world? GIMP. I have decided not to purchase or pirate Photoshop. (In the spirit of being an actual responsible law abiding citizen.) I looked for Free photo editing programs that rival photoshop. So far, I found one program that is close, GIMP. it's like using a really old out of date Photoshop. If you know any other programs I should try let me know. I'm really trying to avoid paying adobe's subscription fee so I can edit photos for Second Life. prioritizes, right?

Today's photo was edited using GIMP. I have to keep practicing so more photos will follow. 

The Look- Are you Ten Years Ago?

Musical Inspiration-  Tegan and Sara, Are You Ten Years Ago

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