Monday, July 22, 2019

I Love It!

i Love it!
You're on a different road, I'm in the milky way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
You're so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch
You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's bitch
Icona Pop, I love it! 

Please pardon the lack of writing in today's post. Its been a rough couple of weeks. My Birthday is this week, too. My brain is slightly preoccupied but I will be back on track soon.

Musical Inspiration: I Love IT!- Icona Pop

The Look- I Love It! 
Hair- Lamb. Black Honey - Variety
Necklace- Yummy Boxing Gloves Charm - Silver
**Dress: TO.KISKI - Katerin dress / M. Lara 
Shoes-BREATHE-Belle Heels-M.LARA

***Second Chance Event- SALE ITEM

Saturday, July 20, 2019

God Put a Smile Upon your Face

Heart Bombs, Name and post to update soon
"I've gotta say I'm on my way down
God give me style and give me grace
God put a smile upon my face"

God Put a Smile up your Face- Coldplay 

Recently, I've been facing some.....well....the most polite way I can phrase it is challenges. (smirk)

One of the safe topics I can mention is my lawn care fiasco. I got a ticket for my lawn because it was slightly higher than the allowed limit for the city's requirement and I had no wiggle room. I was brought into court and had to pay a fine (under 100 doll hairs.) It's a criminal offense similar to a traffic violation. (I know, weirdness, right? I have a story about getting a ticket in Italy over a bus meter if you ever want to hear about unusual violations I've received. You can't travel without the occasional odd story or two, right?)

Back to my story, I did feel getting this ticket was not warranted but it was beyond my control. So how did I make this feel right for me? Flower seeds, Yes, you read correctly Flower Seeds. After I got over the initial shock of getting the ticket I did something PRODUCTIVE. I bought 3 boxes of flowers to plant in my lawn randomly. I just scattered them into the yard in hopes that they would grow into something beautiful. Flower Bombs I called them.

So what do we do when were faced with such great challenges they become hazardous to our heath and negative beyond what is considered, "normal"? We have to drop LOVE Bombs on people and work against the mob mentality. There is a psychological theory called the Bystander effect. (I'm citing my favorite source, Wikipedia...which is a totally reliable source of information. ;)) 

The bystander effect is something along these lines of, someone in NEED of HELP may not get the aid they need because of the attention the problem receives and it incites apathy. The more we see the problem and have it highlighted without ACTION the worse the situation can be for the victim. More people will be inclined to take the mentality of the larger group and not help. Monkey see Monkey do do.

Sometimes it takes ONE person to make a change and extend the hand to make the situation better. Sometimes it takes a person of influence to stand up and help turn the situation into completely different. It takes courage to stand up and make that change. It takes great character to use your influence for good. Some greatly lack the candor it takes to do this through no fault of their own. It's not an innate behavior but it is one that can become cultivated.

So some things I've been mulling over with my personal challenges. 
Accept help, even if it seems misplaced and becomes overwhelming. What may feel as harassment may just be someone's good intentions gone astray or them not being able to approach the uniqueness of your situation in a way that is appropriate for you to accept as aid.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they don't deserve it. You may be wrong.

Acknowledgment in itself is a WIN, because the more people are involved the harder it will be to cover it up...and acknowledgment of the situation is more than I ever had before.

I wish I could say I'm optimistic about my situation, but I'm not. Opportunity is too great for some and the temptation to elevate themselves beyond the muck is difficult when the monkey see, Monkey doo doo is in full effect.

Thank you for the ones that have tried. I do notice your efforts....and to the other ones. Please take some time to reflect upon yourself.

The Look: God Put a Smile Upon your Face

Musical Inspiration: God Put a Smile Upon your Face

Hair: Truth, Alias- VIP Gift
Crown: Glam Affair - Boho Headband Bride
Nose Ring:[ rD ] Alight Nose Ring
Dress: **Munereia -Light- Verfa

**Second Chance Event

Monday, July 15, 2019

Digital Love

Digital Love, Interstella 555 
Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream, I'm dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
The kind of feeling I've waited so long

I've been a long time fan of Daft Punk's Interstella 555 for many years; so imagine my excitement when I wandered into the Crystal Heart Academy and found BonBon's Gacha's set, Interstellar idol. I knew at first sight I would be blogging and spending way too many lindens trying to capture my ideal space idol look.

BonBon, is a new to me store...meaning prior to attending this event I had never had the pleasure of shopping BonBon. BonBon is cute, well designed and certainly managed to capture my attention. Now, I have to highlight what I really wanted out of the set, a microphone. BonBon's gacha set includes three microphones styles. I crossed my fingers, kissed my elbows and kept purchasing until I managed to get my pick out of the bunch.

In all of you haven’t checked out Crystal Heart Academy I strongly suggest you do. The Crystal Heart Academy event runs in Second Life from June 30th until July 28 so there is still 12 more blissful shopping days left. How can I describe the Crystal Heart Academy???'s like a Manga and Anime school themed event. You won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of cute anime style themed. Sailor Moon is big here, and yes she may make you totally think the wrong thing ;)

Now, for something a little more personal

For those that keep up with the Bells' real life; I on occasion sing karaoke in Second Life. It is slightly liberating to let go and sing. I want to stress I am not a professional by any means, I’m really self conscious and there are so many wonderful singers in Second life that the thought of Bells getting on a stage was ridiculous in my mind. When it comes to SL music...I've always been the fan, aid and some have called me cheerleader.  I don’t think I’m cringe worthy or tomato tossing but I am mediocre at best.

What I’ve discovered is it’s all mood based for me, meaning I have to be happy and in good spirits in order to sing or else I won’t have the will to give it my best. I really have to want to perform..and yes, that’s exactly what it is when I sing a performance. It’s fun. The biggest benefit I've managed to get out of this is overcoming my fear of public speaking. (slightly)

I've been in toastmasters, given presentation in front of large groups and taught overseas being in front of people strikes FEAR into my heart and causes great panic attacks. You can hear it in my voice, see it in my face and years of working on it in both a professional and private manner were never really able to help me over come it.

Singing exposes one of the most vulnerable most protected parts of my person. I've done at home karaoke for many years, but that was it at home in the privacy of my home not SHARED with others. It was my own way to release stress and have fun. I did feel when this first started that I was forced into sharing this part of myself, but I figured I had two choices. Lose something I love so dearly that is a HUGE part of who I am or...OWN IT! and, well I decided that singing in a public format means I designate a TIME and PLACE when it is APPROPRIATE to share part of myself with others. Taking back control or something like that.

The Look- Digital Love

Musical Inspiration: Digital Love 
Hair-Foxy - Kitsune Hair
Dress-BonBon, Interstllar Idol, 04
Microphone-BonBon, Radio and Microphone
Crystal Heart Academy

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Fight of the Bumblee

Fight of the Bumblee
 "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I LEARN." 
-Benjamin Franklin
I'm so going to discuss the "Second Chance Event" again, but first let me share something a little more personal about what is happening in Bells' RL life. 

Recently, I've been attempting to learn how to play ukulele in RL. I don't want to call this an impulse purchase because truth be told for the last two years I wanted to learn how to play this instrument. I just really wanted to be taught by someone so I could learn to play properly. I found myself motivated by an overwhelming feeling of sadness that blogging, shopping and eating delicious food couldn't fix.

I had to find something that could provide me with a productive outlet to channel my sadness, rather than crying. (Music is usually the fix.) So as of three weeks ago I can happily say that I am now the proud owner of my very own little Ukelelelelele, I mean Ukelele or Uke for short. I posted photos on my flickr if you want to perve. It's ok, I won't complain ;)

Now, let's segway back to SL goodness.  I really had a happy moment when I saw this pose set that Jessica13 Eracktor of Jess Poses created for June's round of Second Chance. A string instrument pose set, ahhh be still my bleating heart. Now, if I could just see some really cute Uke poses my heart would flutter at the speed of a bumblebee taking flight.

Jess's pose set comes complete with a total of 4 poses all with props of a violin and bow. They are really cute. The Second Chance Event is ending its June's round soon, so please get your fannies over quickly and pick up a deal or two. Don't miss out on these absolutely fabulous off that so many SL designers have places out for us.

.....and yes, I do know the song is called, "FLIGHT of the bumblebee", not "Fight of the bumblebee", but I seriously couldn't help making the puny reference.

Musical Inspiration: Flight of the Bumblee

The Look, Flight of the Bumbleebee

Hair- Bold & Beauty- Hair- Kinsley
Dress- Dead Dollz - Roxanne Dress - Pink
Pose- Jess Poses Fatpack Violin
Location- Angel Manor Estate

Second Chance Event

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Seven Nation Army

 Don't want to hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell
-The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army

 This month's Second Chance event is underway which means I'm positing my favorites out of the bunch. This is the first of a few upcoming posts geared to highlight the goodies that managed to make it's way into my cross-hairs for the month of June.

First off, The background, The Bearded Guy has a Seven Nation Army set that made me Boom with excitement. I know, I’m a girly girl, but honestly, I love things that go BOOM!

I used to play Halo. I know old school. First Person Shooter games really resonate with younger Bells and yes, Its been years since I've done any real console gaming. Seven Nation Army tapped into that badass woman mentality that I need when playing these games. It really makes me want to console game again. Women in video games is something I will discuss at another time. I'm getting off topic here. Back to The Bearded Guy.

When purchasing The Seven Nation Army set there are a couple of purchase options available.
1) a full complete set that is currently at 50% it's normal price
2) smaller individual randomized Gacha versions that can be purchased.

I opted for purchasing Gacha items at 25L a pop. I was thrilled with what I was able to get with my play. The Boss Tent, Two Med Kits a Grenade, The Sentry Chain Gun and Warrior TT.

I absolutely LOVE the Seven Nation Army set. I might end up playing with my new toys for a couple of days. I have some images of war and fighter girls brewing in my head that I might need to release soon. I only wish these items were drive-able and actually contained animations in them. They would make a great series.

Next, I'd like to point out the killer lingerie set from Ricielli. Ricielli isn't a store that is new to me, My Maleficent posts did use one of Ricielli's sets previously. What I have discovered is that I am quickly becoming a BIG fan of Ricielli's designs. Ricielli Tonia Lingerie set has me completely enchanted by the way the items fit my avatar and the details that have been used to create the right aesthetic of sleek and sexy. My favorite part of this lingerie set is the hips. I love all the binds, straps and the garters that are added. Something about straps that is just fun to play with in SL and RL.

I paired the lingerie set with a few goodies I had from a previous Second Chance round. From April's round, Brii Underground released a Laura Croft set. I'm wearing the guns directly from that set.

I also paired very stunning pair of boots from Ricielli, The Cuissard Boot. The match effortlessly helping to create a monochromatic look which might be ideal for hiding in the desert dunes.

Stay tuned in for another post soon highlighting more goodies from The Second Chance Event.

**Note, All items mentioned in this post are PURCHASED from the vendors. I did not receive review copies. I make it a point to only highlight items that I would normally showcase on my blog, in an effort to maintain a sense of quality and pride in my recommendations as a tenured blogger of 12 years.

The Look- Seven Nation Army
Musical Inspiration- Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes

Hair-Truth Hair- May- browns
Head Scarf-LeLutka-GRACE scarf
Guns- Brii Underground- Laura Croft
Lingerie Set- Ricielli - Tonia Lingerie Beige
Boots- Ricielli - Cuissard Boots / Iridescent
Background and Goodies-  The Bearded Guy- Seven Nation Army

all landmarks provided will take you to the Second Chance Event.

Monday, May 27, 2019

I'm Just a Girl

I'm Just A Girl

My Blog has always been a good place to discuss whatever is on my mind. Today's post. I'm just a Girl, or am I?

For those that don't know, I'm an Aunt to two girls. I have no children of my own. As my nieces have began to grow up I'm left wondering about the society they will interact with. Are we being good role models for young women? Are the women we see in our society in media really highlighting the best we are?

It wasn't until I started researching "appropriate" birthday gifts for young girls that I discovered a startling statistic, all thanks to everyone's well loved doll, Barbie.

Mattel and Barbie are teaming up to promote, "The Dream Gap". What's the dream gap you ask well that's an excellent question. I can't answer it is wonderfully as Mattel's commercial does, so I'm embedding the link here. Please watch.

I have to admit, Barbie was not someone I would ever view as a feminist figure type. It's been a very long time since I had played with Dolls. (Avatars don't really count) I was wrong on my assumption on what Barbie is now and days; and perhaps you might be too.

So Let's discuss, Barbie! Barbie is so strong for girls because she allows girls to imagine.

I have recently stumbled upon a YouTube videos series from Barbie in a Vlogging style. They are POWERFUL. These are HARD topics to discuss. "Forgiveness", "Not saying Sorry," Cultural Inclusion and Power and Empowerment...Topics that impact not only young girls but WOMEN regardless of age. These are values and ideas that can make BIG changes in young girls lives and shape our cultural view and social status of women. Allowing girls to become women who have a strong handle on life and even change the male female dynamic which is in jeopardy of becoming more unstable in our current times.

As someone who is in her mid 30s these Vlogs are IMPACTFUL to my life. There are some lighter fun topics so the content is not all morality based. The lesson delivery of this material is light enough not to become too overwhelming to digest and RELATABLE. Barbie is REAL in these videos. The writing and character acting is authentic for the audience it is intending to impact. As I mentioned, mid 30s Bells is hearing topics she strongly believes and aligns with hole heartily.

Mattel is using its influence correctly not just to push a product out but to really help make changes that will impact society. Can we PLEASE see more of this?

I'm hoping that perhaps with my blog I can help bring awareness to others in our community. This right here this is the change we need to see. Women on Woman violence is something that moves across SL quicker that a blink of an eye or a thought. The consequences of the action isn't felt in a RL impact by the person performing the negative action.

(general reflective questions below.)
Is it the anonymity that you cling to what allows you the freedom to shed negativity to another woman? How far before Tic for Tac, Eye for Eye becomes so great you lose friends? At what point do you STOP? When will you be held accountable for YOUR bad behavior and fake sense of empowerment you provide others?

As I mentioned I'm an Aunt, a Big Sister, a daughter and future wife but the most important label I carry with me is that of a WOMAN. I will continue to fight for you and anyone else because well....That's the right thing to do. Stand up for you, not because were friends but because we're women.

So lovelies, here are my favorite Barbie YouTube Videos Embedded below. I also made coloring pages for my niece and other girls to print out and color. I'm going to color them too, because we can ALL use a little encouragement and a reminder that Women should be supportive of one another, not just for show, but because inclusive acceptance is something we need to change in our society.

Bells' LOL Surprise Dolls Coloring Pages (free to print and share with others)

Barbie Video Links

Thursday, May 23, 2019

La Hora para Cenar

La Hora Para Cenar

Es La Hora Para Cenar or Dinner Time, Today's post is highlighting the Hispanic side of my RL self. Yes, boys and girls for those who do not know know Bells is actually Hispanic in RL. I fell head over heels with collaborative work from The Bearded Guy and Infinity Looks. Their "Around the world" set is reminiscent of a very important hour, Dinner Time. El Comedor comes complete with a table chairs decorative mosaic background and clock on the wall. It's ideal for anyone who would like to capture a family meal.

I'm showcasing a few other goodies from The Second Change Sale, AZUL's - Epie dress in Ruby is one of my favorite out of this month's collection and a pose fromSaddy's Sweet Poses, Motorcycle Momma. The unboxing of this pose set is particularly adorable if you are into unicorns. Just so much <3 br="">

If you haven't taken the time to stop by the Second Chance Sale, please do so. It will be ending in a few days and as the title of the event mentions this is YOUR SECOND chance to get your paws on them at a reduced cost.

Now, I want to talk about a small Spanish pet peeve of mine. In my nuclear family Spanish was not spoken. We didn't grow up speaking it. (in my family aside from my grandparents.) I understand a lot more than I can speak and I can read the language. (I'm embarrassed by my non accented pronunciation of the words and I have been ridiculed about it my whole life. Trust me native Spanish speakers will give you looks if you fail at correctly pronouncing words.) so back to my point, I promise I have one.

Glasses has different word types in Spanish depending on its meaning.
Glasses (to wear) -anteojos
Glasses (to drink) - Vasos

my grandmother used to say, "Spanish, is more correct in its language" and she used the glasses as an example. (mini rant) Unless you full understand the language and the context that a word is used, please don't provide a generalized definition of the word...and google translate..well, we all know how well English is translated. That's it....Steps off minor soap box.

The Look- La Hora Para Cenar 
Pose- SSP - Motorcycle Momma
Background Set- Infinity Looks & The Bearded Guy -Comedor
Dress-  -AZUL- Epie /Ruby

**All items mentioned are available at the Second Change Sale. You have until the 28th to make your way over and pick up a treat for yourself.